What’s the Right Thermostat for Ruud Heating and Cooling? Find Out Here

What’s the Right Thermostat for Ruud Heating and Cooling? Find Out Here

What do you need to know about Ruud heating and cooling?

What's the Right Thermostat for Ruud Heating and Cooling?
Ruud heating and cooling products are known to be reliable and efficient. From central air conditioning to heat pumps to gas furnaces, Ruud is a recognized brand in the industry. If you’re a homeowner looking at Ruud heating and cooling products, you might be wondering about thermostats. How do you know which thermostat is right for your Ruud product? Here’s the lowdown.

First of all, programmable thermostats are the only way to go. Understanding how they work will help you decide on the right one for your Ruud heating and cooling system. Here’s what they offer.

  • • Control over your heating and cooling system
  • • Preset temperatures for different days and different times of day
  • • Alerts to service needs
  • • Filter change notice
  • • Interactive displays for ease of use
  • • Some offer WiFi connections for control remotely via the Internet
  • • Energy savings
  • • Lower energy bills

Now you know what they do, how do you decide which one you need? Take a look at some options. All Ruud thermostats for Ruud heating and cooling systems are programmable and have a lighted display. Some models also offer humidity control, the ability to manage dual fuel systems, touchscreen applications, and diagnostics.

Think about how you use your smartphone and your computer. Do you use a few of the features? More features than the average user? Are you a super user who wants all the bells and whistles? You can compare your thermostat preferences to your smartphone preferences. If simple is best, your Ruud heating and cooling thermostat can be simple and basic. Want access to everything? Ruud heating and cooling has a thermostat that’s right for you.

When you’re ready to look at the next step in thermostats for your Ruud heating and cooling system, look no further than your local McCall’s dealer.