What Do My Customers Need to Know about the Samsung Whisper Mini-Split System?

What Do My Customers Need to Know about the Samsung Whisper Mini-Split System?

Is one mini-split system really better than another?

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There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to mini-split systems. Since the Samsung Whisper mini-split is one of our great promotions right now, here are a few things you can point out to your customers about the benefits:

Greater Cooling Capacity

Because of the triangular design of this system, it has the capacity to cool a bigger room at a faster rate. The design allows for more air to be pulled in through the inlet, so more air is cooled. The outlet is also wider and bigger, with extra blades, so the fan is able to push out more cool air than other systems. This allows for greater efficiency and more effective cooling in large rooms, delivering cool air to every corner.

Energy Efficiency

The Whisper system is highly energy-efficient as well as effective. It uses up to 70% less energy than other models because it doesn’t need to turn on and off as frequently to provide the same amount of cool air.

Easy to Maintain

The filter on this system is especially easy to change and maintain, which is appealing to many consumers who don’t like the extra worry about caring for their cooling systems. It can be removed and washed with water or it can be vacuumed from the top of the unit.


The ability to set and change the function of a cooling system is a huge benefit. With a sleep mode, a silence mode, auto changeover from cool to heat depending on temperature setting, and the fact that it uses almost no energy when it’s not in use are big selling points.

Right now McCall’s is featuring a promotion on the Samsung Whisper mini-split system. Make sure your customers know now is the time to get a quiet, efficient, and incredibly effective system for their home.

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