Tricks of the Trade: Heating and Air Conditioning Supply

What heating and air conditioning supply companies should be doing.

HVAC Supply Company

Heating and air conditioning supply is a different animal than your general HVAC contractor or service company. Selling to professionals is not the same as selling to consumers, though some heating and air conditioning suppliers could be doing more to beat the competition. Here are some tricks of the trade from those that are doing it right. 

Don’t Forget the Customer Service

Just because you’re not dealing with the end user doesn’t mean you should forget your manners. Customer service in heating and air conditioning supply is just as important as it is in retail. Though you’re working with a different kind of customer, (in this case people who know what they’re doing and aren’t “guessing” about what they’re purchasing), you still want to take care of them because they are your customer. Don’t disregard their needs just because they’re in the same business as you.

Repeat Business is Like Bread and Butter

How often do you see customers going into a big box retailer and buying the same parts over and over? Or buying parts by the case? Not very often. But in heating and air conditioning supply, this is a daily occurrence; it’s your bread and butter. Encourage and promote repeat business by taking care of the sale the first time to get them to come around the second time, and more.

If you’re an HVAC technician, you know about heating and air conditioning supply companies. Which ones will you pick, the ones that treat you like a customer, or the ones who disregard you as another peer? The heating and air conditioning supply companies that are doing business right will come out on top.

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