The 3 Ways Humidifiers Benefit You and Your Belongings

The 3 Ways Humidifiers Benefit You and Your Belongings

How a humidifier can benefit your health and your home.

The 3 Ways Humidifiers Benefit You and Your Belongings

Winter time is historically a dry season, and the dry air can affect not only your health, but also your home. Most homeowners think of dry skin when they think of lack of humidity, but the dry air in your home can cause many more issues.

Though dry air is a problem, how to solve the dry air problem is not a problem: get a humidifier for your HVAC system. Seriously – it’s that simple. Here are a few examples of the damage too little humidity can do, and how a home humidifier can help with each.

1. Health

Air that is too dry can cause cold-like symptoms and increase the occurrence of allergies. Additionally, dry air can cause respiratory issues, sore throats, brittle hair, and itchy skin. Young children and the elderly are especially sensitive to the effects of dry air, and anyone with any type of respiratory illness will feel the negative effects of lack of humidity.

Humidifiers can help keep these symptoms and illnesses at bay. How? Well, dry air is also more likely to harbor viruses and bacteria. By raising the humidity in your home to the right levels, you can kill these viruses and bacteria, preventing illnesses like the cold or flu. Those higher levels of humidity will also relieve those pesky dry air symptoms.

2. House and Belongings

When your air is too dry, it can cause your furnishings to dry out and crack. This is especially true with wood, but it can also affect fabrics, leather, art, and photographs. Houseplants also suffer the effects of dry air, making it harder to keep them wet and harder for you to maintain their health.

Dry air can even take a toll on your house itself. It can cause the paint on walls and furnishings to crack and chip, and it can make wallpaper dry out and peel. It can even cause wood flooring to separate and crack.

A humidifier can bring the air in your home back up to the right humidity levels to protect your house and your belongings.

3. Comfort and Cost

A humidifier can save you money on your heating costs. Dry air doesn’t hold heat as well as humid air, so dry air is more expensive to heat and it doesn’t retain heat as long as humid air. A humidifier can help reduce the cost of heating your home in the cold months, as well as help keep it at a comfortable temperature with less energy.

Is it a dry heat for you this winter? Learn more about the benefits of getting a humidifier in your home. You can find an informed, helpful McCall’s dealer near you!