New Corporate Marketing and Advertising Manager

New Corporate Marketing and Advertising Manager

Raymond Rollins

Raymond Rollins is the new Corporate Marketing and Advertising Manager for McCall’s. Raymond has over 30 years sales experience which has ranged from billboards, cable and television advertising. He also has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Francis Marion University. His most recent job was the Executive Director for the Grand Strand Business Alliance, which is a government advocacy group in Myrtle Beach. Raymond is married to Rebecca and has 3 children, Andrew, Daniel and Rachel. He currently lives in Myrtle Beach however grew up in Nesmith, which is only about 13 miles from Johnsonville . His Hobbies include spending time on the water, mountain biking and occasionally hunting.

Raymond is really excited to be working for McCall’s and he has known several of us in the company for many years. McCall’s actually did a huge billboard campaign with the company Raymond worked for 15+ years ago. We were selling the Luxaire and Fraser-Johnston lines of equipment.

Some of you may remember those times…………..

Please join us in welcoming Raymond to the McCall’s family!