Is your HVAC Prepared for This Summer’s Hottest Days? It Should Be.

Is your HVAC Prepared for This Summer’s Hottest Days? It Should Be.

Do you have some general HVAC service questions as you try to get your system summer-ready? Much of the southeast temperatures are already very warm and your HVAC is likely running around the clock. The last thing you want is a sudden breakdown of your HVAC system, especially when the days go from warm to sweltering.

We prepared a list of the things you need to do to get your HVAC system ready for summer. If you haven’t already gotten to these, make sure you do it soon.

  • Be sure the outside unit of your HVAC system is clean. The outside unit is a critical part of your system. Keeping it free of debris and dust will prevent many problems and help it run more efficiently.
  • Change your filter. The filter is in the indoor unit. It needs regular replacement to ensure good air quality and optimal functioning of your HVAC system. Now is the time to install a clean filter before the dog days of summer.
  • Do a visual inspection of both the indoor and outdoor units. Take note of any unusual noises or any leaks. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact a repair professional and take care of it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Go to the Pros When You Want to Be Sure Your HVAC Is Ready

Take these simple steps now and get your HVAC unit ready for the summer. Not sure about all aspects of HVAC maintenance? Hiring a professional can help ensure your HVAC works smoothly every day of the year. Visit our team at McCall’s online now to see how our general HVAC service questions and answers can point you in the right direction.