Is a Solar Heater Right for My Home?

Is a Solar Heater Right for My Home?

Perhaps you’ve heard of some the benefits of heating your home with solar power, not the least of which is the potential money-saving on your monthly utility bill. But there a variety of factors you should take into account before deciding to install a solar heater in your home. 

1. Review your utility bill

Look at your utility bill and determine how much energy you’ve used in the last year and what it cost. For example, how much is charged for kilowatt-hours (kWh), as well as other items. Even if you reduce the number of kilowatt-hours, you still have to pay the utility’s administrative costs and other fixed charges.

2. Determine what size system you need

Learn about the different products available to you and which ones will work for your house. The Department of Energy has a calculator that uses your address and details that helps you estimate how much energy it will produce.

3. How long you plan to stay in the home

Most residential solar heating systems are designed to stay on a home for 20 years. If you don’t think you’ll remain in your house for that long, find out how installing a system will help or hinder your ability to sell the house later on. Is the contract transferable to the new homeowner?

4. Evaluate your energy use

By evaluating your overall energy use you can look for ways to reduce your home’s electricity use. You can make your homes and appliances more energy efficient, while also making sure that your home is properly weatherized.

5. Which direction does your house face?

Generally speaking, the more south facing the surface of your roof is, the more energy the system will produce. Ground-mounted systems, or those mounted on flat roofs, will be tilted for south-facing exposure.

6. Consider your shading

Shading from nearby obstructions – trees in suburban areas, taller building in urban settings – may impact your system. Keep in mind anything that might impact the amount of sun that you get on your roof. 

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