HVAC Service Checklist – Are Your Technicians Doing These Essential Steps?

HVAC Service Checklist – Are Your Technicians Doing These Essential Steps?


One way to improve your HVAC business is to make sure your technicians always follow certain procedures.

If you want to find out how to improve your HVAC business, start with your HVAC technicians. They may not own the business, but they may be the only contact your customers have with the business. They are the face of your business. So, make sure they comply with the following steps to make your business look as good as possible by serving the customer as well as possible.

Confirm the Reason for the HVAC Service Visit

Every technician should have a good idea as to why they’re making a service visit. However, mix-ups happen, and it’s very possible for a technician to go to the wrong customer or show up with the wrong parts or tools to complete a particular job.

Therefore, as soon as the technician arrives, they should speak with the customer and confirm with them the reason for the visit. If a misunderstanding is present, the technician will learn of it sooner rather than later. If a mix-up exists, the customer won’t be happy, but you can avoid a customer from being even more unhappy if the technician fixes the wrong HVAC unit.

Give the Customer an Idea of What to Expect

Depending on the nature of the problem, giving a heads up to the customer may not require much more than a technician saying they’re about to start the repair and roughly how long it might take. People appreciate knowing what to expect. This is especially true when it comes to something a customer may not fully understand, such as a heating and cooling system.

Always Answer the Customer’s Questions

If a customer asks the technician a question, they should always answer it. Even if the technician has no idea what the answer is, they should still say something! This is not to say they should lie (that’s a big no-no), but they can say they don’t know and either promise to find the answer at a later time or explain how the customer can get the answer they want.

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