How to Select an Appropriately Sized HVAC System for My Home

How to Select an Appropriately Sized HVAC System for My Home

Will the product upgrade benefits be evident if my HVAC system is the wrong size?

HVAC systems of various sizes sitting in warehouse

Nothing can take away the bulk of the product upgrade benefits of a new HVAC system like choosing the wrong sized equipment. But if you’re not an HVAC expert, how do you know? Take some tips from the pros on selecting the appropriately sized system for your home:

What’s So Important about Size?

The right size heating system is important for a number of reasons. If a unit is too large for your home, it won’t heat effectively because it will cycle on and off too frequently, which is not energy efficient. If it’s too small it will have to work overtime to meet demand, also costing you through a loss of energy efficiency.

Understanding the Heating Requirements

There are a number of factors that go into determining the size of heating equipment you’ll need for your home. These include the square footage of the space you need to heat, the type of construction, and the local climate. All these factors contribute to the required load your system will have to handle. This is important when considering HVAC size.

Who Can Help?

As a homeowner, you have a vested interest in selecting the right sized heating system for your home, but you most likely aren’t the one with the most expertise to make the decision. So who is? An HVAC contractor is the best source of information and guidance when it comes to choosing the right sized HVAC system for your home. They understand heating requirements, how construction and home layout affect temperature control, and they have the knowledge and experience to take the correct measurements that are so important to choosing the right system.

If you’re in the market for a new heating system for your home, don’t just close your eyes and point. Get all of the product upgrade benefits information you need by contacting a McCall’s dealer near you today.