How to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Even During Allergy Season

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Even During Allergy Season

The HVAC system in your home can greatly impact the air quality, and the right product upgrade benefits are one way to improve things even more. In order to know which product upgrades are right for your home, it makes sense to get in touch with an HVAC expert you trust. In the meantime, here are a few other suggestions to help you get started to get your air in the best condition possible to prevent allergies:

Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Change the air filter in your HVAC system as often as recommended by the manufacturer. This is typically monthly. The air filter in your HVAC system cleans the air as it passes through your indoor unit. The result is that the cold air blowing through the ducts of your home is cleaner.

Are you considering having air duct cleaning done? If you find that the air quality in your home is not what you want it to be despite regular air filter changing, you may want to have the air ducts in your house professionally cleaned. This is especially true in older homes and homes with environmental contaminants, such as smoke or pet dander.

Consider banning certain things that contribute to poor air quality, such as burning paraffin candles and using deodorizing air sprays. While these items might make the air smell better, the chemicals in them are bad for you.

Dust your home regularly. While not everyone loves to clean, the reality is that regular housecleaning reduces the dust in your home and the contaminants found floating in the air.

Avoid the temptation to open the window. Why many people enjoy the idea of getting fresh air in their homes, the reality is that many outdoor air pollutants do not belong in your home. By opening the windows, you are letting in pollen, which tends to be a major irritant for many people. Other contaminants also flow in, like exhaust from passing vehicles.

Regular use of your HVAC system and the right product upgrade benefits will greatly help to improve the air quality of your home. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts today to learn more about the best product upgrade benefits to complement your HVAC system.