How to Get Your Technicians to Upsell a Featured Product

How to Get Your Technicians to Upsell a Featured Product

Looking for clues on how to improve your HVAC business?

Selling Featured Products

How to improve your HVAC business is a common question for the small business owner. One of the most effective ways to grow your business and increase sales is through upselling. But how do you get your technicians comfortable with upselling a featured product? Here are some tips:

Product Knowledge

The more your techs know about a product, the more they will understand the value these products offer certain customers. Customers want HVAC experts to truly have expert knowledge about the things they need. Training and information sharing are a great way to make sure your technicians are up to speed on a featured product or promotion, which will in turn make them feel more comfortable recommending these products to your customers.

Turn a Non-Salesman into a Salesman

Want to know how to improve your HVAC business? Create salesmen. The best way to sell something is to understand the needs of the customer. What do they have? What do they want? What are they missing? Training your techs to ask the right questions will enable them to get a better read on the customer and make them more confident in recommending the product you know they need and that you want them to buy.

Don’t Sell Ice to an Eskimo

As impressive as it is to be able to sell anything to anyone, the best road to customer satisfaction is by selling exactly what each customer actually needs. Don’t try to upsell a featured product if the need, on some level, isn’t actually there. The customer will just end up feeling scammed and taken advantage of, and nothing spreads faster than bad reviews.

Focus on Quality

When a customer is purchasing something for their home from an HVAC company, they want to feel that they’re getting what they paid for. If they’re spending $10 on a paperback vs. $20 on a hardcover book, that’s a whole lot different than spending $500 on an HVAC product that may or may not be as long-lasting and durable as an alternate $700 product. Focus on quality. That’s what will push the close.

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