How to Distinguish Your HVAC Business from Your Competition

How to Distinguish Your HVAC Business from Your Competition

If you’re looking to improve your HVAC business, we can help. As you know, there are a variety of factors that contribute to the success of an HVAC business. Our tips will help you focus on the tasks that are most important.

Take Care of the Day-to-Day Stuff

The average homeowner purchases an HVAC system only once or twice in their lifetime. However, that system sees use on a daily basis. By focusing on helping it run smoothly every day, you can build up a customer base that is loyal and gives valuable referrals.

One way to do this is by offering preventative maintenance contracts. Such contracts get you into the home of your customers twice a year to inspect their units. You create a more stable income for your business and help your customers avoid major problems with their units by preemptively repairing the small issues.

And in addition, your customers actually know your name. If your interaction with them ends with the purchase of an HVAC unit, it is quite possible that they will forget the name of your business and be unable to give a referral when someone asks. However, if you have a preventative maintenance contract you get to know your customers, and they get to know you.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Make sure your customer service is top notch. Nothing is more frustrating to customers than not being able to reach a service provider when they are experiencing problems. Hire an answering service or a virtual assistant to ensure that someone always answers your phone. Make reminder phone calls before appointments for even better customer service. When your technicians enter a home, have them cover their shoes to avoid bringing dirt onto clean floors and carpets. Deliver on every promise you make.

Build a Relationship

Establish a relationship with customers and potential customers. Today, online marketing is incredibly important, and that includes social media. Start by creating a website that is rich in useful content, so when customers and potential customers are looking for information, they find the help they are looking for on your site. Create social media accounts for your business on every platform out there. Then regularly use the type of social media that is the favorite of your customers. Your posts should be a mixture of information, fun and an occasional deal.

By doing these three things, you will improve your HVAC business in no time by outshining the competition. To find out more about how our team at McCall’s can help, contact us today.