How Often Should My Furnace Have Maintenance Done?

Your furnace keeps you nice and warm in the cold months of winter. But it doesn’t just work well for you by chance. Regular maintenance is essential to keep it running right. Here’s the lowdown on furnace maintenance, including how often to do it.

What Happens During Furnace Maintenance?

To keep a furnace in peak working order, some things should be on every maintenance checklist. They include:

  • Change the filter – a dirty filter is the fastest way to a malfunctioning heating system. The filter keeps dirt and debris out of the equipment so it doesn’t break down.
  • Check the pilot light – without the pilot light, your furnace can’t fire up. If the flame is faulty, you won’t have heat in your home.
  • Heat exchanger – if the heat exchanger has cracks or damage, it can lead to dangerous consequences, including letting dangerous gases into your home.

The Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance

With regular service, your furnace will continue to function all winter long with a reduced chance of costly breakdowns. It will also function more efficiently, using less energy and costing less on monthly utility bills. In addition, service extends the life of the system and, even more importantly, keeps your warranty valid if it’s still in the warranty period.

How Often Should Maintenance Happen?

The answer to the big question of how often furnace maintenance should happen is once a year. Your AC requires maintenance once a year in the spring. The same goes for your furnace, but in the fall.

The best way to prep your furnace for heating season is with maintenance by a licensed HVAC technician. The best techs in the region are at your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer. Contact them today.