Cooling and Heating Emergency Repair: An Insider’s Perspective

Cooling and Heating Emergency Repair: An Insider’s Perspective

Cooling and heating from a technician’s point of view.

Insider's Look at HVAC Repair

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking at commercial air conditioners, you’re facing an important decision. Do your due diligence to make sure you’re getting the right cooling and heating system, and that you’re buying it from the right company. Don’t forget about researching your repair and maintenance options, like many buyers do. Here’s an insiders’ perspective on cooling and heating and the state of emergency repair service. 

Not All Technicians are the Same

When you call for cooling and heating repair, you expect to get a trained technician at your door to look, assess, and repair. However, lately there has been a trend developing where larger contractors to hire salesmen to do a technician’s job. They look, assess, and recommend a new cooling and heating system. This is not the HVAC Company you want working on your commercial system!

What to Know Before You Call

When you’re calling for emergency repair on your cooling and heating system, there are a few things to consider about a company before you hire them.

• Are they insured?
• Are they licensed?
• Are their technicians certified?
• What is their BBB rating?

This may sound like a lot to check when you’re dealing with an emergency cooling and heating repair service, but it’s easy to get this information when you call in.

Don’t settle for less than the best technicians and the best companies when you need emergency cooling and heating repair service for your business.

Business owners, make the smart choice – work with a reliable and trustworthy McCall’s dealer.