Are You Ready for Emergency After Hours Services? Experience the McCall’s Difference


Discovering which services are in high demand is just one of the benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer. We pass on whatever information we can to improve the quality of care you show your own clients. Often, we lead by example, as we do with our after-hours service.

Solving Problems When They Arise

Just like electricians and plumbers, heating and cooling service technicians get called when people are dealing with problems – the kind that can’t wait ’til morning. Our customers need solutions right away, so they need HVAC service shops that operate 24-7.

It’s true that many homeowners in our area could safely wait a few hours without heat, but that isn’t true for all of them. Customers with infants or those who are elderly are at a real risk of hypothermia even as temperatures hover in the 60s. Someone has to answer the call and provide emergency services for residents in need. If a service provider isn’t picking up the phone, even loyal clients will look for alternatives. Will it be you? Or will you be the business that’s losing customers?

In the same way, we provide emergency support to our dealers whenever they run into a jam. We know your clients depend on you not only for comfort but safety as well. As a McCall’s HVAC dealer, you can call us whenever you need assistance with our heating and cooling products.

It’s time to discover more benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer today. We strive to provide every member of our team with outstanding selection and support.