4 Signs You Might Need a New HVAC Unit

pretty woman with hand fan and handsome man with newspaper suffering from heat at home

Is it time to invest in a new HVAC unit? If the thought has even crossed your mind, it’s probably time to schedule a system inspection. But what warrants replacing the heating and cooling system entirely? Keep reading to learn four warning signs.

  1. It Runs and Runs and Runs

On average, your air conditioner should cycle for about 15-20 minutes at a time. If you notice it’s running around the clock, the unit may be on its last leg. As the parts wear out, the system works harder. Eventually, it will burn out completely.

2. Lots of Odd Noises

HVAC systems aren’t silent, but they shouldn’t make any strange noises either. A loud humming may indicate a failing blower. Banging could point towards a problem with the furnace. And a clanking outdoor air conditioner unit is never a good sign.

3. The Technician Is on Speed Dial

How often do you call for HVAC repairs? Everyone should schedule regular maintenance twice a year. But if you find yourself calling too much, you may be throwing your money away. Repairs add up quickly. It makes more sense to buy a new unit instead of paying for constant service calls.

4. The System Turned 10

If your HVAC system is more than a decade old, you should consider investing in a new one. Older units aren’t as efficient as younger models. Besides, the new systems come with some really exciting and innovative features you’ll want to experience.

It may tempt you to keep repairing your heating and cooling system every time it has a problem, but it’s not always worth it. Eventually, replacing it is the better choice. Connect with a nearby McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer if you want to purchase a new HVAC unit.