3 Ways a HVAC Maintenance Visit Can Save You Money This Winter

3 Ways a HVAC Maintenance Visit Can Save You Money This Winter

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HVAC Maintenance Technician's Toolkit on Outdoor Unit

Some of the most common HVAC general service questions include requests for the truth about maintenance. What are the benefits of HVAC maintenance? Can regular maintenance help me save money this winter? Yes it can! There are many ways; here are just 3 of them:

1. Reduced Chance of Breakdowns (and Repairs)

One of the biggest expenses you can incur with your HVAC system can come in the form of repairs. The best way to reduce the risk of breakdowns and the cost of repairs is with regular maintenance.

A maintenance visit will catch any small issues before they become big, and costly, problems. It will also help to make sure your system is running smoothly. When components have been inspected, lubricated, calibrated, and cleaned there is a substantially lower rate of breakdown.

2. Reduced Cost of Running Your Heating System

A well-maintained HVAC system is going to run more smoothly. There will be less friction and less overworking due to parts and components that are dirty or not functioning properly. This means your HVAC system is going to be using less energy to do its job, which is the whole point of an energy efficient system in the first place.

3. Save Money If Repairs Are Needed

Most HVAC contractors offer discounted repairs to customers who have maintenance agreements in place. If something should happen between maintenance visits, you’re still going to get VIP treatment and reduced rates on labor and parts.

Many people skip regular maintenance for their HVAC systems, which can cost them in repairs and energy use. For the best maintenance plan for your home, as well as answers to any other general service questions, contact your local McCall’s dealer.