3 Tips for Optimizing Packaged Units for Your Customers

3 Tips for Optimizing Packaged Units for Your Customers

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Discover how to improve your HVAC business without breaking a sweat. Some of the ways you can deliver stand-out service require
small adjustments to what you’re already doing. Even the way you present your products can have a huge impact on sales.

Look at these five tips on how to optimize packaged units to deliver better service and grow your profits.

1. Select the Right Model for the Property

There are HVAC providers who will sell anyone anything. Pride yourself on offering homeowners reasonable solutions. Take stock of their property’s needs
and present them with the models you feel are best. If they have a recommendation for a system that isn’t going to work out very well, be honest, and
pass on the job. It’s tough to turn away a customer, but it’s better than installing a system that fails to perform. You – and your reputation – will
be the ones to pay for it.

2. Provide Shade Around the Unit

Packaged units are often placed on the roof or on a concrete slab next to the property. Either situation can wind up generating a massive amount of heat.
This makes it work harder to cool the property. Research shows that your customer will save money and use less energy by installing their system in
a shaded area. If that isn’t possible, look into enclosures that will protect it from the sun. It won’t restrict airflow as long as there are 24 inches
of clearance between the structure and all sides of the system.

3. Create add-on packages that will lower their monthly costs.

Homeowners want two things: to feel comfortable and to keep their bills low. If you can hit both of those marks, you’ll be their go-to source for heating
and cooling until they move. Unfortunately, you also have to balance that with a reasonable installation price. Look for affordable upgrades or a customized
maintenance schedule that won’t break the bank. For instance, using a higher-quality filter or adding a humidity control module to boost the impact
of heating and cooling.

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