3 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Heating Unit

Even the best home heating units get old and stop functioning the way they should. Could it be time for an upgrade for your HVAC system? Here are three signs to look for to help you know for sure.

Sign #1: Temps in Your House Are Uneven

Uneven temperatures are one of the first signs you might notice if your heating system is due for an upgrade. When the heat doesn’t keep up with demand, it indicates that the system could be declining. As the unit ages, performance suffers, and your home doesn’t stay as comfortable as it used to.

Sign #2: Repairs and More Repairs

Are you on a first-name basis with the team at your HVAC company? If you’re calling for repairs more often than you’re calling for pizza delivery, it’s not a good sign. As heating equipment gets older, it breaks down and becomes less effective. As more and more issues arise, you’ll spend more and more on repairs to fix an old system that needs an upgrade.

Sign #3: Energy Efficiency is Taking a Hit

New HVAC systems have higher and higher energy efficiency ratings. Even older systems start with a certain level of efficiency. The older they get, the more energy they use. An upgrade means increased efficiency that comes with a new unit, and along with that, reduced energy bills.

If you’re still not certain your home heating system needs an upgrade, there’s one sure way to tell. Contact your local McCall’s dealer for an assessment of your current system and a free quote on an upgrade to a new and more energy-efficient one.