3 Secrets to Finding the Best HVAC Unit for Your Business

3 Secrets to Finding the Best HVAC Unit for Your Business


Pairing the right HVAC unit with the unique product upgrade benefits you need goes a long way to lowering your bills. It can also make or break the indoor climate you’re trying to create. The good news is that you can quickly identify helpful add-ons.

Consider the following three secrets to finding the best HVAC unit for your business:

1. Take a look at regulations.

Do you work in an industry where environmental controls are central to operations? Do government entities or professional associations put expectations on workroom temperatures or air quality? Have similar businesses struggled with related lawsuits?

If so, you need a professional’s help in designing the perfect system for your business. If not, maintaining a safe and comfortable environment is still important, but you might be able to meet your employee and client needs without premium equipment.

2. Chart your energy use 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Spikes in usage occur in every business. Even a company that keeps their building at a constant temperature will see spikes due to doors opening and closing. Pinpoint times of high usage, and you’ll be able to save on energy costs through attractive upgrades.

Today’s thermostats can use that information to keep the most efficient heating and cooling schedule for your structure. Zoned HVAC systems can also save you a bundle, by providing heat and cool air only in areas where it’s needed.

3. Consider the practical needs of your business.

Heating and cooling problems don’t always boil down to drafts. Noise, power, air quality, humidity – they’ll all have an impact. How big of an impact depends on the type of your business.

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