3 Biggest Differences Between Commercial and Residential Air Filters

3 Biggest Differences Between Commercial and Residential Air Filters

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Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner or both, you need to know about HVAC air filters.
Why? Let’s take a look at why air filters are important and the three biggest differences between commercial and residential filters.

Why are HVAC Air Filters So Important?

The air filters to your heating and cooling system do more than get dust out of the air. They protect your HVAC unit from the dust, dirt, dander, and more
that floats around in your house. If those airborne pollutants get into the equipment, it can impact performance. It can clog up the fan and blower
and create excessive wear and tear. Not only will this make the system use more energy, but it could result in breakdowns and the need for repairs.

Commercial vs. Residential

Here are the primary differences between commercial and residential HVAC air filters:

1.Size – commercial air filters are often bigger as commercial systems are larger and process more air for sizeable spaces

2.Filtration – homeowners can buy higher quality filters to sift out smaller particles from the air

3.Change frequency – most commercial businesses change their HVAC filters more frequently than homeowners because there are usually more people in commercial
buildings and the system runs more frequently with more air turnover

Whether you’re looking at HVAC air filters for your business or your home, it’s important to get the right ones for your needs and to change them at the
right frequency. Sound confusing? Don’t worry, your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. dealer
can help. Contact their friendly staff today.