2 Ways to Save Money While Heating Your Home

2 Ways to Save Money While Heating Your Home

Are you looking for ideas to save money on heating your home? We’ve got the guide you need to heating your home best practices. Here are our two best bets to save money while heating your home.

#1: Using Your Furnace’s Optimal Settings

What are the best settings for heating your home? Manually changing your temperature settings throughout the day leads to inconsistent heating and costs you when it comes to energy use. The ups and downs of constant adjustment make your system use more energy than it should. Programming your thermostat to automatically change the temperature based on the needs, preferences, and lifestyle of you and your family will make for a more comfortable home and efficient furnace. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting the heat at 68° in the winter when you’re at home and 7-10 degrees cooler when you’re away or when you’re sleeping. Whatever temperature you decide is comfortable for your family, using programming capabilities on a smart thermostat is one way to save money on heating your home.

#2: Replace the Furnace Filter

This one almost seems too easy. Can an air filter make that much of a difference? You bet it can. A dirty filter makes your HVAC system work harder than it should to pull in air for heating, leading to excess energy use and higher utility bills. Any money-saving list of tips must include changing your furnace filter. Your bills will be lower, and your indoor air will be cleaner.

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