“What Are the Best HVAC Brands?” Your FAQs: Answered!

best HVAC brands

Sharing best practices is a great way to find balance in your business and the HVAC tips and tricks you need to help it thrive. Our trusted members have been working in the HVAC industry in South Carolina for years and have some valuable information to share. Our goal is to help you with your HVAC business and show you what an incredible community the McCall’s family of dealers is, and how it can help you grow your own HVAC company. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from potential McCall’s dealers.

What Are McCall’s Offered Items?

What do all HVAC customers want? They want excellent customer service. Beyond that, they want the best products and services for the best price, with services they can count on. McCall’s dealers know that the key to success is providing great products and trustworthy service. That means including heating, cooling, and water heater sales, installation, repair, and maintenance to your offerings, along with emergency, weekend, and after-hours availability.

What Are the Best HVAC Brands for My Company?

With over 70 years serving South Carolina customers and dealers, McCall’s has a reputation of excellence with partnerships with some of the top brands of HVAC products. Ruud, Bosch, and Samsung are just a few. When looking for the right brands for your company to provide to its customers, you don’t need to restrict yourself to just one. Wholesale prices through McCall’s allow you access to all the top-of-the-line brands that work with McCall’s and our partner dealers. You can ensure your customers have what they need when they need it, without compromising your ability to provide excellent products. Our product lines include furnace systems, air conditioners, heat pumps, geothermal systems, water heater systems, and ice machines.

How Can I Work to Help My Business Grow?

Providing exceptional customer service is the key to maintaining customer loyalty. The key to attracting new customers is to offer the products and services they need at affordable prices. McCall’s can help you do all these things with the tools we provide to our dealers. We start by offering ongoing education through training and events. These can include product information events, service and repair training, new technology seminars, and even PSI exam education and preparation. Additionally, we provide marketing support for your company and membership in the Ruud DesignStar team. Moreover, we provide the support you need when your customers need it most – during emergency after-hours service and repair calls.

With the backup you get from McCall’s, you’ll have everything you need to get and keep your customers. Customers aren’t the only ones with questions for HVAC company owners and technicians. Other HVAC companies have some great questions, too! They usually involve providing better products and services to their customers, tips on how to grow their businesses, and what it takes to thrive in a competitive industry.

We work closely with all our dealers to ensure they have everything they need to succeed. Nevertheless, if you have more questions than answers these days, you’re not alone. Contact McCall’s to learn more about the FAQs they can answer for your HVAC company.