Pro Tips: Should I be Heating My Basement?

Pro Tips: Should I be Heating My Basement?

How important is keeping the basement the right temperature? Whether you have a finished basement, you spend time in or an unfished space just for storage, knowing the best practices is important. The experts weigh in with a few good reasons why you should be heating your basement.

Consistent Comfort in Your Home

Basements, whether finished or not, rest right under the main living areas of your home. Even with insulation in the basement ceiling, some of the cold from an unheated basement will move into your living space. Heating your basement helps your HVAC system keep the rest of your home at a consistent temperature while using less energy because it isn’t fighting against that cold spot.

Reduced Chance of Mold

Our southern climate is humid, and many homes create an ideal place for mold and mildew to take hold and grow. Heating your basement reduces the chance of mold growth by helping to keep the space dry with circulated warm air. Heat in the basement also prevents condensation from the warm ceiling created by heat in the main part of the house.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Keeping the basement at the right temperature does more than keep your home comfortable – it can prevent a flood. If your basement is not heated and it gets too cold in the winter, your pipes can freeze and burst, causing a flood and potentially significant water damage.

If your basement is cold, some simple solutions can help warm up the space and keep it the right temperature. Reach out to your local McCall’s Supply, Inc. to learn more.