How to Save Money this Year on Your HVAC System

How to Save Money this Year on Your HVAC System

Saving money on HVAC without giving up a comfortable home is an excellent goal for the new year. You don’t have to sacrifice heat or air conditioning to have a more economical HVAC system. Here’s how to save money this year on your HVAC system.

Change Your Air Filter

Seems simple enough but changing your air filter can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning costs. A dirty filter means your equipment must work harder to do the same job, which means higher utility bills every month. Change your filter every 60-90 days for optimal energy efficiency.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat allows you to have greater control over the temperature in your home as well as your energy use. It’s a simple and affordable way to save money while still heating and cooling your home.

Consider an HVAC Upgrade

An economical HVAC system has high energy efficiency ratings which will help you cut down on energy use and the cost of heating and cooling your home. Low-cost HVAC is an ideal way to take advantage of the new SEER2 ratings going into effect this year, as well as enjoying more consistent temperatures in your home.

When you’re trying to save money this year on your HVAC system, the best idea is to go to the source and ask the pros. Reach out to your local experienced McCall’s HVAC team to learn about money-saving HVAC systems and how you can cut your heating and cooling costs.