Bring Your A–Game: Keep Your Company Up to Date With These Newest HVAC Systems

Newest HVAC and AC systems

As an HVAC company, your priority is providing your customers with the best products and services. You’ll retain their loyalty and attract new business by always bringing your A-game to give them the best experience possible. One way to do that is by staying on top of the newest HVAC and AC systems currently available. Knowing the latest technology will give you a leg up on the competition. Here’s how to keep your company up to date.

The Newest HVAC Systems

HVAC systems aren’t what they used to be. They’re more efficient with advanced technology and a wide range of options for any home or business. Instead of only recommending the unit with the highest efficiency rating for your customers or guiding them to what fits their budget, now you can base your recommendation on the type of building, how eco-friendly the construction materials are, ventilation options, and smart technology available to integrate with. There’s solar to consider when integrating a system, sustainable and green strategies to incorporate, and products that include geothermic systems and traditionally fueled equipment. Knowing the newest HVAC systems, what’s on the market, and what’s in the future is an ideal way to keep your company on the cutting edge so you can provide all your customers with what they need.

New AC Systems

In addition to new technology coming out all the time, there are new energy efficiency ratings to think about when marketing your HVAC company. With the new U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) efficiency standards that increased required SEER ratings in January this year, HVAC manufacturers and dealers must understand and implement changes to align with the new standards. Some of the adjustments will include higher price tags that will require you to design a strategy for helping consumers see the value in the changes in efficiency standards.

Geothermic Systems

Geothermal energy solutions have come a long way. What started as a clean and efficient way to heat and cool a home or building has become an initiative to create geothermal communities. In April, the DOE chose 11 communities for a geothermal trial effort to create districts where geothermal technology can provide heating and cooling for multiple homes, businesses, and schools. While this doesn’t affect your HVAC company, it is a sign of changes in the attitude toward sustainable and renewable heating and air conditioning methods. Understanding which customers are good candidates for geothermal systems and when to recommend them can give you a boost over your competition in this growing sector.

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