Wondering about Heating Options for Your Customers? Here’s the Lowdown on Two-Stage Heat Pumps

Wondering about Heating Options for Your Customers? Here’s the Lowdown on Two-Stage Heat Pumps

Getting pushback from customers who don’t understand two-stage heat pumps?

Two-Stage Heat Pumps

If you’re evaluating different heating options for your customers, don’t forget about two-stage heat pumps. No matter what time of year it is, customers will always be looking for heating and cooling systems that are both effective and efficient. Two-stage heat pumps are just that and more. Here’s the lowdown:

Two-Stage = Two Speeds

The name of this system indicates its functionality, which operates at two speeds or stages. The compressor is capable of running at high and low, depending on temperature and thermostat settings.

How It Operates

If the thermometer indicates to the system a low temperature and the need for heating, the heat pump will turn on at full speed first to quickly make the change that’s needed. Once the room temperature rises and is close to the thermostat setting, the system will then lower its speed automatically while continuing to run. The purpose of this two-speed operation is so the unit can heat the room effectively, but not exceed the desired temperature. Conversely, if the temperature falls, the system will then work back to full speed again.

How It Benefits Your Customers

Unlike a single pump unit, a two-stage heat pump directly reduces any large temperature swings. Because a single stage unit can only function at high speed or not at all, it simply isn’t able to compensate for changes in a room’s temperature quite like a two-stage unit can. Not only does the two-stage unit create a more consistently comfortable room temperature, it results in a significant energy savings, which means lower utility bills for you.

The benefits of a two-stage heat pump might be clear to a professional, but that doesn’t mean explaining it to a customer is as easy as it might seem. This breakdown should help you be able to breakdown the benefits a little more easily with your customers. Want more information on two-stage heat pumps and other McCall’s products? Check out our specials this month.