Winter is Coming! How Can I Best Protect My HVAC Unit?

Winter is Coming! How Can I Best Protect My HVAC Unit?

Winter is coming, so it’s time for some HVAC system winter tips to ensure it’s ready to keep you cozy. Here are the HVAC best tips for winter.

Change the Filter

The first thing you can do to take care of your heating and cooling system is to change the filter. You should do this every three to six months, or even more frequently, but it is especially important before switching from cooling to heating. The AC worked all summer, and now it’s time for the furnace to take over. A clean filter will help keep your indoor air clean and protect your heating system from dirt, dust, and debris that can impact performance.

Test the System

Turning the furnace on before you need it is a great way to check and make sure it’s working as it should. It’s better to know sooner if there are issues rather than on a cold winter day when your house is freezing. Turn the thermostat from cool to heat and turn the temperature high enough for the system to kick on. If it doesn’t, calling for repair now will save you money over an emergency service call.

Don’t Forgo Fall Maintenance

HVAC maintenance, including testing HVAC optimal system settings for winter, will ensure you have heat when you need it. With inspection, cleaning, calibrating, adjustments, and minor repairs, your HVAC tech can have your system humming along when winter temperatures come your way.

For more HVAC system winter tips, talk to the heating and cooling pros by reaching out to the team at your local McCall’s dealer.