Window Unit Vs. Turning on Your AC Unit

Outdoor Window Air Conditioning Units on an Old Brick New York C

When the temperatures outside are climbing, which is better—window unit vs. turning on your AC unit? Is one better than the other? To help you decide, let’s consider the three primary factors that should influence your choice: cost, comfort, and home size.

Weighing the Costs: Window Unit or AC Unit

While purchasing a window unit is cheaper than buying an AC unit, it’s also essential to consider the utility costs. Central air conditioning is far and above more energy-efficient than running the multiple window units necessary to cool a medium-sized home. If you find you must run several window units around the clock to keep your home cool enough, it may be time to turn on the AC unit.

How Important Is Comfort?

If your primary objective is keeping your home cool, turning on your AC unit is your best option. A window unit may do a fine job cooling one room, but it doesn’t circulate the air as efficiently, so you may end up with hot spots and cold spots rather than consistent climate control.

Another thing to consider: A window unit doesn’t provide adequate air filtration. If you have family members with allergies or asthma, the AC unit is the clear winner.

How Big Is Your Home?

If you live in a one-bedroom studio apartment, you may find that you can get by with a window unit. However, if you have a larger home with multiple rooms, it’s highly unlikely you will get the climate control you desire without turning on the central air.

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