Why Spring Maintenance Calls Are So Important

Why Spring Maintenance Calls Are So Important

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Spring Maintenance

If you’re like most heating and air conditioning contractors, you might wonder how to improve your HVAC business. One of the biggest and best features your business can offer is a preventative maintenance plan, especially now that customers are beginning to call for spring maintenance service. Here’s why they’re so important:

Guaranteed Income

When your customers sign up for your maintenance agreement, you are guaranteed that income. They pay for the plan; you get the income. It’s money in the bank up front. However, don’t forget along with the paid for plan comes the service call and labor of the maintenance call. Planning is key.

Customer Satisfaction

Your primary goal as a business owner is to make your customers happy so they continue to do business with you. A bonus is if they’re so happy that they refer their friends and co-workers. Customer satisfaction is a key component to improving your HVAC business.

Spring maintenance calls are one way to ensure happy customers. If their air conditioner doesn’t work when the weather gets hot, they’re not happy. If they have the service plan in place, it’s likely that any issues their system might be facing will be caught and repaired before they even know there’s a problem. This equals a happy customer.

Customer Loyalty

When your customers sign up for a maintenance plan, they’re building in their loyalty to you as a company. They’re saying they trust you enough to give you money for work that will be done in the future and then they’ll trust you to do that work. Customer loyalty will be what keeps you in business.

Maintenance plans help the customer make sure their HVAC system is functioning effectively and efficiently, and those same plans help you build your business and keep your customers.

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