Why Maintenance Agreements Should Be a Priority for Your HVAC Company

Why Maintenance Agreements Should Be a Priority for Your HVAC Company

Have you figured out how to improve your HVAC business?

Improving your HVAC Business

If you haven’t figured out how to improve your HVAC business, follow these simple tips to see a quick boost in profits. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to reach customers and get repeat calls when you’re providing your customers with the right resources. HVAC is all about providing convenient comfort, and maintenance agreements are an easy way to do that.

Consider these successful service agreement strategies:

  • Provide enrollees with prioritized service. You can’t go wrong with a fringe benefit that makes your customers feel like VIPs. Let your loyal customers know that if they ever need service, their enrollment in a service plan bumps them to the front of the line.
  • Offer freebies and discounts. Where one company offers 10 percent off supplies, another offers free filters “for life,” meaning, of course, the life of a premium service plan contract. Another still promises homeowners the chance to apply the plan costs to the purchase of a replacement HVAC unit if needed.
  • Share insider knowledge. Your customers want to do business with industry leaders. They want to feel they have some inside track. Make sure you stay updated on the latest HVAC research and products. Demonstrate how these lead to savings or convenience. By passing along this information, you raise your own value by helping your customers feel like experts. Placing it behind a wall available only to service agreement enrollees—either online, by newsletter, or through events you host on-site—will make enrollment much more attractive.

If you are ready to improve your HVAC business today, contact McCall’s about building effective maintenance plans.