Why is My HVAC Making So Much Noise?

Why is My HVAC Making So Much Noise?

If your noisy HVAC system keeps you awake at night, it’s more than just a nuisance. It could be a sign of a serious issue that could lead to a breakdown. So instead of hoping for the best and potentially ending up with no heating or cooling, check out what it means when your HVAC is making noises.


If your HVAC sounds like it’s in a mosh pit, it could be the compressor in the AC unit. Banging noises often indicate loose parts in the compressor. When the components disconnect from the frame, it could indicate aging equipment or poor installation.


Screeching might be the most annoying sound coming from noisy AC units. It makes your teeth rattle and can drive you from your home when the HVAC runs. The screeching sound usually comes from a bad fan motor or, potentially a broken compressor motor. When the parts wear out, the screeching is the result.


If you hear loud buzzing, be aware. Buzzing could indicate a serious issue. Several reasons your HVAC system might start buzzing include issues with the fan motor, fan blades that are loose or unbalanced, dirty condenser coils, something obstructing the AC lines, or even a refrigerant leak. Any of these issues require immediate attention from an HVAC professional.

A noisy HVAC or AC unit can drive you crazy, especially if they’re waking you up at night or interrupting your conference calls. Instead of living with it, find out the cause and if it could be compromising your HVAC’s performance. Contact your local McCall’s dealer to schedule a service.