Why Every Home Should Have a Generator for Winter

Why Every Home Should Have a Generator for Winter


Get the answers to your top general HVAC service questions for winter-time problems.

Answering general HVAC service questions are just part of the job for our punctual and polite professional heating and cooling technicians. Today, we’re tackling the subject of home generators. Why should you own your own generator for the winter? Let’s cover the biggest benefits — and a few drawbacks.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Home Generator

There’s nothing quite like the security of power-on-demand, but there are times when the public grid fails. Winter storms can knock power out. Winter car accidents are a frequent source of power interruptions. Peak demand during cold spells can spell trouble for electrical supplies too.

It doesn’t get cold enough for most residents to worry about freezing to death while their power is out, but there are exceptions. Vulnerable individuals in poor health, or the very young or old, are more susceptible to extreme changes in weather. Cold spikes impact the immune system as well. “Colds” got their name for a reason!

Having a generator onsite means your HVAC system can continue running. It also means you can keep your frozen and refrigerated foods safe, and you can keep your security system up and running.

Drawbacks of Owning a Home Generator

Depending on the model and style of generator you buy, the hassle of fueling and running your backup power system might be more trouble than it’s worth. Talk to your McCall’s technician about easy and convenient models available in your service area.

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