Why Does my HVAC Unit Make a Loud Noise While Starting Up?

It’s not unusual for people to call and ask about why their HVAC unit might be making a loud noise when it starts up. Some level of noise from the outdoor unit is normal, but understanding what each sound means and if you should be concerned is a different matter.

Metal Hitting Metal – If your outdoor unit is making a metallic scraping sound while it’s running, you could have an obstruction inside the unit. Turn off your unit and take a look inside the housing for any exposed wires, tubing, or outside debris that could have fallen in.

Vibrating- Your unit may require rubber isolation pads that reduce the noise generated from vibrations.

Buzzing- There are a lot of causes for this one, but the most common would be a malfunctioning compressor. The electrical voltage going out to your outdoor unit may not be at the correct amperage.

Banging- If the unit begins to make loud banging sounds while running, discontinue use immediately and call the pros. The problem could be an easy fix made much worse by continuing to use your damaged unit.

Anything but the normal sounds that your HVAC unit makes could be a sign of needed maintenance. The best solution to any unusual sounds is to call in the local experts. Contact McCall’s Supply, Inc. for all your HVAC parts, tools, and products today!