Why Does My HVAC Unit Keep Overheating?

Why Does My HVAC Unit Keep Overheating?


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What general HVAC service questions . are giving you the biggest headaches this summer? Equipment failure is common as temperatures soar. For instance, your air conditioner might keep shutting down because it’s overheating. Why does this happen? What should you do to stop it? Find out from the experts.

Blocked Airflow

Your HVAC system works by pumping cooled or heated air throughout your home, but it’s not as simple as just changing the thermostat. Heating and cooling rely on appropriate pressure levels to control the comfort in your home. Interfere with airflow, and your system will struggle to reach the desired temperature. The more it struggles, the more heat it generates. Eventually, a blocked system will overheat and shut down.

So, what causes blocked airflow? Here are a few common culprits:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Clogged air intake pipes
  • Blocked registers

Sometimes homeowners purposefully block a vent thinking they will save money. A safer alternative is moving to a zoned comfort system. Zones use different thermostats controlling different areas of your house. Simply blocking a register or vent won’t help your bills and could lead to an early end for your equipment.

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues also lead to overheating. If your system repeatedly shuts down and needs to be reset, that’s a sign there could be a serious problem. Likewise, if the breaker or fuse is frequently going out, it might be time to call a technician to sort things out.

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