Why Does My HVAC Unit Drip Water?

Most people have some general HVAC service questions when it comes to their heating and cooling system. One that comes up often is in regards to cooling systems and dripping water. Why does your HVAC unit drip? Keep reading for the answers you need.

Your HVAC Unit and Humidity

Your HVAC unit is built to cool your home in the summer. In the process, part of its job is to remove excess humidity from the air in order to effectively cool the air and send it back out into your home. When the air is blown over condenser coils to cool it, condensation builds up on the coils.

Where Does the Water Go?

Every AC system has a drain for condensation. The drain is generally called a condensate drain. This drain leads to a pipe, or a drain line, that leads either outside your home or into your home’s plumbing system. When the water drips from the condenser coils, it drops into the drain and down the drain line. This keeps the water contained to prevent any kind of leak or water damage to the HVAC unit or to the area in your home where it’s located.

What If There’s a Leak?

If there is too much condensation for the drain to handle and there is a leak, it’s usually because the drain has gotten dirty or clogged. This can lead to water damage or system malfunction. Cleaning the condensate drain regularly can prevent this problem.

If you have water dripping from your HVAC unit, it’s a normal part of the function of the system. If you have a leak where it shouldn’t be, that’s a different issue that needs attention. For more information on this, or any general HVAC service questions, contact the team at your local McCall’s Supply today.