Which Air Conditioner Is Best For My Home?

Which Air Conditioner Is Best For My Home?

Want to know how to improve your HVAC business?

HVAC products and systems in dealer's truck

The best way to improve your HVAC business is to sell the right products to the right customers. The key during the summer when everyone is on a budget is to focus on energy efficiency. The big selling point is not how much the initial investment is, but how much money they’ll save on their utility bills over time. Here are the 3 best products to sell for improved energy efficiency:

#1: Air Conditioner Upgrade

The best way to improve energy efficiency is to upgrade old equipment with more efficient Energy Star air conditioners. The higher the Energy Star rating, the more energy efficient it will be, which equates to greater savings over time. Nothing is more appealing to customers looking for energy and cost savings than the idea of saving every month on their utility bills. The bonus is they’re doing the right thing for the planet at the same time.

#2: Programmable Thermostat

A smaller investment but one that can have a huge impact on customers’ energy use is a good programmable thermostat. Some people embrace technology, and others are afraid of it. Either way there are benefits you can promote. Their ease of use is one. Even smart thermostats are user friendly and intuitive enough to not scare off the least tech savvy among us. But the savings in energy use can be seen from month to month if they program them appropriately. Giving them the right training can help.

#3: Maintenance Agreements

For long-term commitment and built-in customer loyalty, nothing works like a good maintenance agreement. It gives you the chance to showcase your stellar customer service by providing regular maintenance on their air conditioning and HVAC systems. This will build trust at the same time you keep their systems in peak working condition to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs at the same time you help them be more energy efficient.

Most customers focus on upfront costs when it comes to investing in their home. Focusing on energy efficiency and cost savings over time can help you close the deal.