Where Can I Purchase Air Filters?

The answer to a common general HVAC service question about air filters.

There are a lot of general HVAC service questions that get asked of HVAC techs. One of the most common topics is always air filters. Here’s what you need to know, from what they are to where you can purchase them:

What Does an Air Filter Do?

An air filter is used in your heating and cooling system to filter the air—hence the name. But while some people believe the air filter is to keep the dirt and dust from coming out of the vents, the air filter actually has another important job.

The air filter is primarily used to protect your HVAC system. It filters out the pollutants in the air and keeps them from entering the heating and cooling units. This protects them from extra wear and tear, too much friction, and the potential for breakdowns because of debris in the moving parts.

What Do Air Filters Filter?

Air filters can catch and trap a wide range of airborne contaminants including smoke, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, mold, dust, dust mites, dirt, and other debris. The real benefit, in addition to protecting your system, is that they also help prevent those pollutants from circulating through your home.

Where Can I Purchase Air Filters?

Air filters are available everywhere from local hardware stores to big-box retailers, from online specialty providers to global online marketplaces. The key is to get the right size filter for your unit, but that’s not all. You want to get the right filter for your home, one that is highly efficient and one that will remove even the smaller particles from the air.

When you’re looking for air filters, look no further than your trusted HVAC service provider. For air filters, and answers to all of your general HVAC service questions, talk to the experts at your local McCall’s dealer.