When is the best time of the year to get my HVAC unit serviced?

When is the best time of the year to get my HVAC unit serviced?

Most HVAC experts recommend having the HVAC unit professionally serviced during the season preceding its heaviest use, but any time is the right time for a tune-up. Getting your unit ready for the heating or cooling seasons before it starts working tirelessly is your ticket to the more energy efficiency and dependability.

HVAC systems contain many components that all work together to keep your home comfortable. As they run, they create vibrations and collect dust and dirt, which reduce their efficiency. Since heating and cooling typically account for half of most homeowners’ energy bills, having the HVAC system serviced spring and fall is a sure way to cut energy consumption and expenditures.

What’s Involved?

Routine professional maintenance performed by a licensed technician addresses the parts of the system that require special tools and knowledge to access, clean and adjust. While it’s important for you to keep the air filters clean, many more parts need attention.

Technicians use electrical meters to test the flow of electricity through the system and gauges to measure the refrigerant pressure. They test the output temperatures and air pressure, and the safety switches. Specialized tools enable them to deep clean the parts that would be otherwise impossible or difficult to access. These experts often spot small problems and fix them before they become major repairs.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance

A serviced HVAC system lasts longer, has fewer breakdowns and uses less energy, especially when it’s performed by the highly trained technicians. If you’re interested in parts, accessories, or even an upgrade, contact your leader in HVAC supply, McCall’s Supply, Inc.!