When Is it Time to Inspect Your Ruud Gas Furnace?

When Is it Time to Inspect Your Ruud Gas Furnace?

The importance of regular inspection to a Ruud gas furnace.

Regular Inspection for Gas Furnaces

The truth about furnace inspections is that all manufacturers recommend that you get them done annually. Are they required? No. Are they recommended? Yes. It’s like getting a physical when you feel just fine. It’s great if nothing’s wrong, but even better if there is something wrong and it’s caught before it becomes an issue. The same thing applies to your Ruud gas furnace.

If you’re a Ruud dealer, you know about the skeptics and naysayers when it comes to your customers spending their hard-earned cash on something like routine maintenance and inspections. But for those that want to avoid problems, there are some basic questions and answers for your Ruud gas furnace customers.

Is an Annual Inspection Enough for a Ruud Gas Furnace?

Generally, an annual inspection is a good rule of thumb when it comes to the mechanicals of a home. Because your furnace kicks into high gear in the winter, fall is the ideal time for inspections so that any problems can be caught before it gets cold outside.

What Gets Checked During an Inspection?

There are some primary elements of a Ruud gas furnace that should get attention during an inspection. Providing that checklist to your customers will ease their minds when they’re considering the value of having their Ruud gas furnace inspected.

If your customers are still skeptical and think maybe they can do the inspection items themselves, remind them that heating contractors have the knowledge and experience to not only identify issues that might arise with their Ruud gas furnace, but also to make the repairs and adjustments to ensure a safe and efficient HVAC system.

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