What Should I Know When Installing a New HVAC System for My Business?

HVAC System

Is HVAC system installation for business on your mind? If your business needs a new heating and cooling system, there are some things to know before jumping in. We’ve got a quick guide to help get you started.

Know the Size of the Building or Space

Knowing the size of the space the new HVAC for your company will heat and cool is vital to getting the right size equipment. The quickest way to watch your energy bills grow is by choosing a system that’s too big or too small that will short cycle or constantly run to meet demand.

Get to Know System Types

The type of system you pick depends on the space and the occupants’ needs. If you have customers coming and going or office staff who needs a comfortable space, you’ll have different needs than an open warehouse or assembly situation. Some of the most common types of HVAC for businesses include:

  • Single-split
  • Multi-split
  • Variable refrigerant flow
  • Variable air volume

Energy Efficiency

Some businesses need to put dollars before anything else when purchasing a new HVAC system, and the initial prices tag is the priority. However, if you can swing it, choosing the highest energy efficiency rated system will save you a significant amount of money in the long run on your energy costs.

When you’re investing in your business that’s as substantial as a new HVAC for your company, it’s a great idea to talk to the experts before you decide. Contact your local McCall’s dealer today for the professional guidance you need when installing a new HVAC system for your business.