What Should I Know Before Buying a New Heat Pump?

New Heat Pump

Have you considered a heat pump when it’s time to install a new heating system or when your old one is due for replacement? Before buying there are some things you should know. Have a look at our guide to the basics.

Getting the Right Size

Size isn’t just important when it comes to a furnace or air conditioner – it’s also critical for a heat pump system. To take advantage of the energy efficiency of a heat pump, you need the right size unit for the size of your home. If it’s too small, even if the lower price tag seems appealing, it will have to work overtime to meet demand, using excess energy. It will cycle on and off frequently if it’s too big, wasting energy and testing the system.

Professional Installation is Critical

As with any HVAC equipment, installation can make or break how the system performs and whether you have issues down the road. Therefore, proper installation by a reliable professional is critical. Find an HVAC company you trust, and that will give you advice on the system size and a free estimate for the cost of the equipment and installation.

Features to Consider

Don’t just take the first heat pump you see. There are some features to consider when choosing your equipment.

  • Variable speed options
  • Modulating or 2-stage compressor
  • Option to operate at reduced capacity when temperatures are mild
  • Scroll compressor for quieter operation

Before purchasing a heat pump, talk to the team of experts at your local McCall’s dealer for more information you should know.