What Product Options Exist if Humidity is a Problem

Many South Carolina homeowners deal with indoor humidity problems, particularly during the summer months when temperatures and humidity levels soar outdoors. A number of products can help reduce indoor humidity and improve the overall air quality within your home. Because high indoor humidity levels are linked to health problems including allergies, asthma, and chronic coughs, keeping your indoor moisture levels balanced is critical for the well being of your family.

Most Helpful Products in Reducing Humidity Levels Indoors

1. Air conditioner(s) – Your home’s central A/C unit or window air conditioners are designed to not only cool the air within your home but also reduce humidity levels. Many people wonder why their air conditioner drips water; that water is actually being removed from the air within your home!

2. Exhaust fan(s) – Showering and cooking can increase the humidity within your home significantly. If your home is equipped with one or more exhaust fans, be sure to turn them on every time you cook and/or shower, and leave them running for some time afterwards. Consider having exhaust fans installed if your home currently does not have them. 

3. Dehumidifiers – Operating in a similar manner to a refrigerator or an air conditioner, dehumidifiers will remove moisture from the air. Different models ranging from whole house units to single room-sized devices are available to accommodate all situations.

4. Humidity monitors – Waiting until your home smells musty is far from the best way to tell if you have a humidity problem. Humidity monitors allow you to be proactive and maintain the ideal balance of moisture in the air all year long. 60% humidity or less is recommended during warmer months while winter levels should range between 25 and 40%. 

5. Weather stripping, insulation, and caulking – A well sealed home will reduce your energy consumption while simultaneously making it easier to maintain balanced humidity levels.

Let Us Help Solve Your Humidity Problem

If you suspect you may have a humidity problem within your South Carolina home, the professionals at McCall’s are here to help. We’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding solution oriented products and services and have reliably been serving customers for decades. Contact us today to schedule service or discuss options with our friendly staff.