What is Two-Stage Heating?

What is Two-Stage Heating?


Two-stage heating can help you save on energy bills by offering an energy-efficient way to keep your home warm. Two-stage heating offers two levels of output—a high setting for those cold winter days and a low setting for mildly cold days.
The low setting will be enough for about 80 percent of winter days, especially in South Carolina. It helps provide consistent heating throughout your home while also cutting your energy bills.

Difference Between Regular Heating Systems

Standard heaters open a gas valve on high, forcing the flame or burner to its high setting at all times. There is no low setting on most standard heating systems.

A two-stage furnace can adjust the output to keep your home within one degree of your thermostat. It allows more consistent heating and comfort throughout your home

Two-stage furnaces are also quieter than standard furnaces. When the furnace operates on low consistently, there is no need for the furnace to “kick in” or blast out air.

These more efficient options also have a low fan setting as well, unlike standard furnaces. This low setting also adds to the overall energy-efficiency.

Other Advantages of Two-Stage Heating

Standard heating systems run at full capacity, then periodically stop, and restart to adjust to the temperature that you want. This process takes a lot of energy and simply does not deliver consistent heating as the temperature fluctuates outside or in the home.
Because a two-stage heating system can operate at low capacity the majority of the time, it takes less energy and can be more consistent.
Two-stage heating systems also often filter the air better. When the air moves through the system slower, the filter can catch more air particles. Fewer contaminants in the air mean that your whole family can breathe better.

Installing This Efficient Option in Your Home

Our South Carolina team can help you put this emergency efficient heating option in your home. Two-stage heating is a great way to save on energy bills and ensure that you have consistent heat throughout your home. Contact the professionals at McCall’s to schedule an estimate or to obtain additional information.