What Heating System Is Best for Your Home?

What Heating System Is Best for Your Home?

What are the most exciting HVAC product upgrade benefits of 2015?

Heating System

HVAC product upgrade benefits allow homeowners to tailor systems to their particular wants and needs. Have asthma? Want to add on a top-of-the-line air filtration system? Live in South Carolina? Make sure you have humidity control. The list of potential special features is a long one, and if you work with the right HVAC installer, you can keep the process easy and affordable.

Heating Solutions

Many homeowners don’t even realize the basic units used for heating in the South. Where furnaces, boilers, and space heating are common everywhere, heat pumps and radiant flooring are options as well. You can pair these units with geothermal systems too in order to save on monthly expenses and cut down on pollution.

Climate Control

Humidity regulation really is important year-round. While in summer, the sweltering heat can damage your furnishings and lead to mold growth, the dry air of winter can do its own damage. As well as making your mucous membranes extra-sensitive, dry air will also make you feel colder. You could increase the humidity to 30 degrees and turn down the thermostat all winter.

Smart Thermostats

Technology has made incredible leaps in smart home control. Lights, security systems, and now even your heating and cooling can be controlled via smart phone. In addition, many units can be programmed to predict what temperature you would like your home to be based on your previous actions. With a smart thermostat installed, you’ll be one step closer to living life like the Jetsons.

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