What are the Benefits of Variable Speed Furnaces?

What are the Benefits of Variable Speed Furnaces?


Variable speed furnaces are designed with a more efficient motor than most AC motors. They’re called Electronically Commutated Motors and they are low-maintenance, energy efficient, and cost little to operate. Typically, these variable speed furnaces cost more initially, but pay off with their energy savings.

How Does It Work?

Conventional motors run their fans and a consistent speed which means, they don’t adjust based on temperature. Variable speed motors run at different speeds to control the flow of heated or cooled air in your home. More airflow control means a better balance of temperature.
Better airflow within the furnace system means more equilibrium of temperature and humidity within the space. Indoor air temperature can be sustained with an exactness that isn’t available with one-speed motors.

The Benefits

Variable Speed Furnaces are low maintenance and can help to lower operating costs. While the cost of a variable speed furnace is more expensive that a traditional furnace to begin with, payback is usually achieved within four years. The furnace is able to constantly monitor the operation of the heating and cooling system in order to make adaptations in comfort levels. When an old furnace will fill a room with heat and then shut off once the temperature is met and then shut off again, a variable speed furnace can alter the proportion of circulated air with increasing or decreasing fan speeds, which can help to counteract for dusty filters or clogged vents. It can also help the air conditioner to move condensation from the air.

A variable speed motor also works to slowly increase up to top speed, which stops abrupt, loud blasts of air that are characteristic of traditional furnaces. Running the fan at lower speeds, promotes quieter operation and continual air circulation. There is also less stress placed on the mounting hardware, making maintenance and serving a less complex job. 

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In the long run, variable speed furnaces make more economic and energy efficient and offer greater comfort to users. McCall’s Supply is a leading wholesale distributor that can provide for all of you variable speed furnace and other HVAC needs. Contact a McCall’s dealer now for more information about variable speed furnaces today!