Ways Partnering with McCall’s Will Help You Get More Leads

Ways Partnering with McCall’s Will Help You Get More Leads

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Are you interested in the benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer? We’ve got one very important reason you should be, and
that’s partnering with an established supplier of high-performance brands. This partnership can help you get more leads. Here are just a few ways we
give your business a boost.

Convenient Training

Did you know that McCall’s has training sessions each month? These happen in person and online, so you get the training that is most beneficial for you.
Learn the latest on installation best practices and on how to build your business.

Access to the Best Products

It’s tough accessing the latest models and top brands for a reasonable price when you first start out. By partnering with McCall’s, you can deliver the
best to your customers while keeping more of your profits. Homeowners won’t trust you and won’t refer you to friends unless you can deliver trusted

Professional Referrals

Homeowners who stop at our site can search for service providers in their areas. It’s an easy way to attract new customers and adds immediate authority
to your business.

Ongoing Support

One of the cornerstones of any HVAC service provider is the ability to stand behind their work. You can’t replace a faulty system on your own, but that’s
what happens when shops work with third-tier brands. At McCall’s, we only work with the best, so you’re protected if equipment fails. We can help you
file for warranties too, and with any follow-up questions your clients might have.

Take advantage of these and other benefits of becoming a McCall’s dealer. Contact us today to get started.