Warning: You’re Losing Money with the Wrong Thermostat

Warning: You’re Losing Money with the Wrong Thermostat

Don’t let the wrong thermostat hurt your wallet.

Warning: You're Losing Money with the Wrong Thermostat

When we think of efficiency in our heating and cooling, we think first of the equipment. Do you have a high efficiency model? Have you zoned your home? But you might be surprised at one source of serious energy (and money) drain: your thermostat.

This is a warning. If you have the wrong thermostat, you are losing money right now.

So what’s the wrong thermostat, and how do you get a right one? Let’s explain.

Don’t Let It Run

Your HVAC system can only do what the thermostat tells it to do. Your thermostat is dependent on you to tell it what to do. While this arrangement gives you full control over your HVAC system, it comes with limitations.

If you want to change the temperature while you’re away from home, your thermostat has to be programmable, or you will have to remember to do it manually each day as you leave the house. Then you have to remember to reset it when you get home.

Next, you’ll have to wait for the temperature to catch up to the change you made. If you want it cooler when you get home and it’s the hottest time of day, it’s going to take more energy to get to your desired temperature.

If you don’t have a programmable or smart thermostat and you forget to make the change, your system will just run and run all day long. That costs you money.

Programmable vs. Smart

Programmable thermostats are a great option for those with a regular schedule with little variation in their home temperature needs. But smart thermostat technology makes it possible to do so much more. Not only can you program ahead of time, but some smart thermostats will learn your habits and will program themselves based on your previous choices.

All smart thermostats allow for remote changes from a web app so you can adjust the temperature as needed. With those apps most let you see real time information about your energy use so you can adjust accordingly. All of these features make your system more efficient, which in turn saves you money.

If you’re using old thermostat technology, you’re throwing money out the window. McCall’s can help you stop losing money and help you find the right thermostat. Homeowners, find a McCall’s dealer to get you set up.