Two Ways a Maintenance Agreement Will Save You Money

Two Ways a Maintenance Agreement Will Save You Money

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A common HVAC service question that many people ask is whether it’s worth signing up for a maintenance agreement. One of the biggest benefits of a maintenance agreement is saving money. Here is a short list of two ways you can save money with a maintenance agreement:

#1 Discounted Repairs

Should your HVAC system need repair work, a maintenance agreement can save you a lot of money. This is because you do not have to pay full price for the repairs. Instead, you get a discount on the repair work, including parts and labor. Depending on the size of the repair job, this can easily pay for the cost of the maintenance agreement.

#2 Identify Issues before They Become Big Problems

Preventing more serious and expensive problems is the single most important way your maintenance agreement will save you money. Today’s HVAC systems are robust, well-engineered mechanical devices. This is great in that your HVAC system may not be working 100%, but it can still effectively heat or cool your home. It may not do it as efficiently as possible, but it will still work.

But this toughness has a drawback in that it can make it all too easy for a home or business owner to put off getting repair work completed or conducting routine maintenance. If a minor problem exists for too long, it will usually lead to an unexpected failure of your HVAC system. And by the time your system stops working, the repair bill can be much higher than if you addressed the problem at the first sign of trouble.

If you don’t already have a maintenance agreement and you have general HVAC service questions, you should contact our team of experts at McCall’s Supply, Inc. We will not only answer your questions but can also help you sign up for a maintenance agreement when you are ready.