Top 2 Generators for Your Home

Home generators are more popular and necessary than ever. We’ve had some crazy weather in the last few years, with an increased chance of power outages. Plan ahead with one of these top two generators for your home instead of worrying about what you’ll do when the electricity goes out.

#1: Backup Generator

A backup generator is one of the most flexible and valuable types of backup energy for your home. Instead of being permanently installed, they are portable. You can pull them out and hook them up when needed, but you don’t have to have them affixed to your electrical grid. Since they’re portable, they’re perfect for home use, but you can also use them when camping, tailgating, or even on a job site. The downside is that you must start it manually, and it runs using gasoline, so you must keep it filled.

#2: Standby Generator

Unlike backup generators, a standby generator integrates into your electrical system. It’s always on standby to take over should the electricity go out. They detect power outages and start the engine to send electricity to your home. The only time there is an interruption is when they power down intermittently to cool down and prevent overheating. Unlike a backup generator that requires gasoline, a standby generator uses natural gas or propane to keep it running.

There are many options when it comes to the brand and size of the generator you choose for your home. Contact your local McCall’s dealer to help you make the right choice and for installation and maintenance you can rely on.